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E5 Videoscope-A good Helper for Rail Traffic Testing

May 22,2018.

With the development of the rail transportation industry, the quality and efficiency of the maintenance and maintenance of rail vehicles, such as railway vehicles, are higher. The industrial videoscope has become an important testing tool in this field because of the non-destructive testing characteristics. Industrial endoscopy can be used for visual inspection of areas related to rail transportation, such as vessels, pipes, internal surfaces that are difficult to disassemble, the inner surface of narrow gaps, or the area of human vision, which can not be observed directly. It can be applied in the development, manufacture, maintenance, inspection and quality control of rail traffic vehicles. It includes the following  aspects.

1. seismic spring check. In the railway section repair rules and the factory repair regulations, the inspection requirements for the shock spring are mentioned, the specific requirements for inspection of cracks, wear and so on, and then welding according to the maintenance regulations. The traditional inspection method often needs to disassemble the spring, and the industrial endoscope is used to complete the task. Only the endoscope probe is sent to the spring part to be detected. It can observe the cracks in the spring and the condition of the top of the spring, so as to avoid the work and the economic cost of disassembly.

2. gear box inspection. In the normal use and operation cycle of the locomotive, the wear of the gear box and the bad occlusion of the traction gear box are common problems. If it is not found early and properly handled, it will even cause the gear box to be discarded and derailed. The use of industrial endoscope can easily complete the gear box inspection. In the concrete operation, it only needs to insert the endoscope into the tube, and enter the inner of the gear box through the oil quantity observation port of the gear box, so it can be very intuitively shown that the gear case inside the gear box and the foreign object in the bottom of the gear box exist, and the existence of the foreign object is found at the same time. The image recording function of industrial endoscope can also be archived for further investigation or for reference.


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