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Endoscope in Mechanical Field for Welding Inspection

December 13,2019.

Industry:Mechanical Manufacturing

Tested equipment and working conditions:

Mainly for the production of cryogenic equipment for chemical plants and power plants, the use of endoscopes is mainly to detect cryogenic equipment, welding lines and welds in the pipeline inside the remnants.


The detection effect of P40-6020 series endoscope made customer satisfied.

Reasons for choosing Coantec:

The Endoscope of Coantec can be customized according to customer's demand.The customer need to add a spring tube protection sleeve of diameter 8mm outside the pipeline to prevent high frequency friction damage.

Customer benefit:

1.Can meet customized needs,reduce the use costs;
2.Pixel HD,easy operation;

Coantec industrial endoscopes  has the following functions in the welding field:

1.It can effectively detect all kinds of defects in welding.
2.It can realize nondestructive test without disassembly or stopping operation.Atthe same time,the image can also be recorded.Then you can connect the endoscope to a computer after the analysis of the welding defects.
3.It can provides more clear inspection without leaving dead ends for the entire welding process,so that the product quality can be better guaranteed.
4.It can check the main welding defects of welding cracks porosity,lack of penetration,lack of fusion,slag,collapse,pits burn,welding defects.

Weld seams in different positions can be observed when using Coantec industrial endoscope.It can reduce the material loss during the product manufacturing stage, reduce the loss caused by customer's product return,and extend the product life cycle.
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