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Exclusive Interview

December 13,2019.

General Manager:Zheng Yundong

General Manager of Shenzhen Coantec Automation Technology.,Ltd,Zheng Yundong,major in   electromechanical integration,has served as a factory director in a large Taiwan funded  enterprises for 6 years, a sales manager in a domestic instrument and equipment company  for 6 years.Shenzhen Coantec Automation Technology.,Ltd was established in 2013,and Mr Zheng is responsible for the company's overall operation and management and led the company's independent research and development of industrial endoscope,and strive to build the best use of industrial endoscope brand.And he also integrated the internationally renowned brands non-standard automation equipment,for large and medium-sized domestic  enterprises to provide special equipment test and energy conservation test.He ventured to apply the mature industrial endoscope technology into civilian,developing the world's first 2.8/3.8 mm nanometer super micro camera.The camera can zoom in at 5 times and get a patent. This patent technology fills the blank fields at home and abroad,and realizes the industrialization transformation of high-tech products.The technology is widely used in the ear,mouth,teeth,skin,hair and other skin surface self physical examination,and is committed to improving people's health attitude,and build a healthy and high-quality life for people. He has 6 proprietary technologyies for inventions and 1 proprietary technology for utility models.

Those who strive will achieve their goal,those who set off step by step will arrive where they wish.

Mr Zheng said in the interview that,he was responsible for the overall operation and management of Shenzhen Coantec Automation Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Shou Ai Technology Co.,Ltd.from 2013,and made a number of record with the company's sales and R & D team,and achieved excellent achievements.The company's annual business performance increased by 100%,the R & D team broke through key technical difficulties in the field of professional product research and development,and achieved great success.The products have been successfully applied into the 2015 victory of the anti fascist war 70th anniversary parade,2015 Boao forum,2016 Hangzhou G20 summit for security inspection work.Meanwhil,Coantec aslo take part in the major national security activities in recent years.

Coantec has won many awards at home and abroad,and registered a number of patents and intellectual property rights.All along,the exploration and practice of Coantec are based on technological innovation and social responsibility in the industry,and Coantec also engaged in it by heart,so that Coantec's business showes a rapid growth trend.Now Coantec endoscopes are sold to eighteen countries in the world.We have not only set up offices in Suzhou,but will also set up offices in Beijing,Chengdu and Wuhan as radiation centers in 2018.

In the process of talking with Mr Zheng,I can deeply feel his confidence for Coantec.

The road is rugged and long,only he that persists in moving ahead can reach the destination.

The development of industrial endoscopes has been not satisfying.Due to shortages of technical and innovative,there is still a huge gap between China and abroad.We can see that we are lack of key core technology,and our product stability and reliability can not be fundamentally resolved.

However,Mr Zheng has also made an optimistic response to the development of the endoscope industry."Xunzi has a word," he said. "The road is weak,but if we do not move ahead we can not reach the destination;the thing is small,but if we dont do it we will not succeed.". We know that entrepreneurship is not easy in the road of the business,but we are changing the status of China instrument industry,and I also believe that our Coantec team can withstand various tests and trials.Mr Zheng said that if the product is not diversiform, without innovation,it will be easily imitated and surpassed,and even completely lost the core competitiveness.If we want to stand on the market,our products mustvbe characteristic. He said that coantec attaches great importance to product innovation,invested heavily in the introduction of high-end technology and talent,and strive to win over other similar brands in the diversity and uniqueness of products,and become one that always recognized and trust by consumers in industrial endoscope.

Since its establishment,Coantec has paid great attention to technology research and development of product,and the development and expansion of the company can not be separated from the input of technology and talents.We continue to carry out innovative research and development of products and technologies,and integrate upstream and downstream technology and business cooperation to make R & D innovation as the engine and motive force for sustainable development of the company.

For Coantec,Mr Zheng has endless words.He said: "Coantec is a company with a profound connotation.Although the time Coantec involved in the market is not too long,Coantec is open,inclusive,breakthrough,innovative and is a very promising enterprise.As far as the market is concerned,Coantec will break out in the next 1-2 years.In the future,Coantec will  not only be engaged in the filde of DNT ,but also continue to strengthen our own R & D innovation to meet the trend of industrial endoscope products.It is worth mentioning that, in order to meet market demand,the "Coantec 3D measuring endoscope" will meet with you" after more than 2 years of testing and improvement.

The Coantec"3D measurement endoscope" series has the following functions: HD image,360°  orientation,over temperature alarm,two-dimensional positioning,anti explosion technology, 3D image measurement technology,intelligent operating system,super light,etc. As of today, the project has passed all the test, will soon be produced and will soon occupy the domestic and foreign markets.Meanwhil,there will be an introduction of a number of new products at the same time.Look forward to your attention!

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