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Fiber Videoscope Support Ultra-bright illumination


An industrial video borescope camera is an instrument that enables inspectors to look inside areas that are otherwise difficult to access, such as the combustion chamber of a jet engine. Videoscopes support industry in a broad range of applications, including helping reduce time, labor, and cost by inspecting inside machined components and nondestructive maintenance inspections of components that would otherwise need to be disassembled. Videoscopes can be used to view objects of various sizes, ranging from components as small as a fuel injection valve or as large as a fuel tank or containment vessel.

Videoscopes are small instruments, and large lamps cannot be installed on them. For example, in a videoscope with an outer diameter of 6 mm, an observation lens and light source both need to be installed. In this instance, the width of the illumination source can, at most, be 1 mm. Moreover, ultra-wide lenses are sometimes used to view large objects, and the light must be properly diffused to achieve uniform brightness in the image.

Coantec’s industrial videoscopes are equipped with rear mounted fiber LED light. This technology support the ultra-bright illumination to make ultra-bright illumination makes it easier to inspect large objects, such as storage tanks, since the images are sharp and bright. The increased brightness helps inspectors locate fine defects.

Coantec’s industrial videoscopes are the expertise in the filed of videoscopes. We will continue innovating new technologies to meet the changing needs of customers’ industrial inspections.

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