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Flexible Borescope Camera|360°all-way Articulation


The function of 360° all-way articulation with the smaller diameter of 2.8mm has been achieved by Coantec M3 Borescope and the smallest diameter of 2.0mm with 360° all-way articulation function will also be realized in the next months.This is absolutely a worldwide unique design, which is more flexible and can provide the user with better quality of image to clearly see what the problem comes from in a very narrow space, while saving the money and time of unnecessary disassembly and reconstruction.

The unique function of 360° all-way articulation with the smaller diameter of Coantec M3 Flexible Borescope can be used for a wide range of industry applications and greatly improve the detection accuracy.Until now,Coantec is the navigator to realize the 360° all-way articulation function in the filed of video borescope with small diameters.In the NDT filed,the function means a revolution and customers will get better inspection result.

For more information of this improved borescope,please feel free to contact us.We will provide you professional solutions.

Flexible Borescope Camera

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