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Function of Automobile Videoscope


ME Series Borescope  Camare are widely used in auto aftermarket, in order to check the cylinder block, valve, piston head, nozzle, ternary catalytic converter, evaporation tank, piping and gap of car body. With visual inspection, the car owners and mechanics can easily know the running state and of the car and troubleshoot.

Main features of Coantec ME series Automobile Videoscope

1-Wear-resistant  titanium alloy probe

2-Fast and accurate target location

3-Excellent guiding function,360°all-way bending probe,bending angel ≥160°

4-Ergonomic design,easy operation

5-Small instrument case,easy carrying

6-Globally unique technology of replaceable insert tube

ME Automobile Videoscope Borescope,as one of the non-destructive testing tools, portable and lightweight,which is available for both end-user and after-market.

Borescope Camera

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