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Functions of C65 Industrial Videoscope

July 19,2018.

As the C65 industrial videoscope that will be withdrawn, it has excellent performance and can meet many testing needs. Please come with me to preview the performance of its webcam and host.

1. C65 industrial videoscopeCamera

(1) Probe diameter: Φ 4.8/6/8mm

(2) Pixels: 1 million pixels

(3) Probe material: hard titanium alloy protective shell

(4) Field of view is 5-180mm, 7-100mm, 30- ∞.

(5) Side view depth: 3-20mm;

(6) Direct viewing angel: 110 degrees

(7) Side view angle of view: 90 degrees

(8) Visual direction: straight/side view lens

(9) Temperature alarm: temperature real-time display and high temperature alarm.

2. C65 industrial videoscope Host

(1)Weight of the host: ≤ 2.5kg (containing batteries)

(2) Waterproofing: host IP55, probe IP67

(3) Output port: HDMI


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