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Guide to Choose The Right Industrial Videoscope


Industrial Videoscope can be divided into three categories:hard rod,fiber obtic videosope and video borescope.In general,video borescope are the developing trend and the application is very large.

According to different inspection requirements,we need to choose the most suitable videoscope based on endoscope probe diameter,length,articulation ability,visual clarity,focal length and other technical indicators.However,because videoscope is allways used in complex environment,we should also need to consider the abilities such as waterproof, oil proof, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of consideration and so on.

Reference for Industrial Videoscope Choosing:

1. The guiding ability of industrial videoscope.Coantec videoscope is 360°all-way articulation.

2. The color reduction of the industrial endoscope.

3. The lighting of the industrial endoscope.Coantec has 7 levels of lightness,up to 100,000 lex.

4. The imaging clarity of the industrial endoscope.Coantec camera resolution is high definition,up to 1,000,000 pixel.

5. The material of the industrial endoscope.Coantec videoscope probe is made up of titanium alloy.

Coantec videoscopes are mainly applied in special equipment inspection,electric power,car manufacturing,automotive aftermarket,petrochemical, machinery, aviation, pipeline container checking, security checking.Coante,as a mature brand in China,is very popular in world wide.Coantec,Coantec,creating the most user-friendly videoscope.

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