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Industrial videoscope, also called industrial videoscope,which can observe the object defects that human eye can not observe.Meanwhile,with the videoscope,we can also make picture doodle, which can be derived and is convenient storage.Industrial endoscope,a visual inspection tool.

Price of HD industrial endoscope:

Industrial endoscope prices are different according to different function.If the videoscope is equipped with 3D measurement,then the price of it will be higher than other industrial endoscope.However it is not to say that the higher the price is,the better the videoscope is.Right choice for proper function is multiplier.

HD industrial endoscope manufacturers recommend:

The advantages of the industrial endoscopy of Coantec:

1,Advanced Technology: the industrial endoscope uses the latest transistor CCD camera and the high brightness LED light source technology,the image is bright,the display effect is clear, the color is vivid, the resolution is high.

2,Strong Liquid Resistance:from distal probe to handheld handle,it has strong water resistance,and has excellent resistance to minerals,synthetic lubricants,aviation fuel, kerosene, gasoline and diesel oil.

3,Economical and Practical: the industrial endoscope has high cost performance and super value. The price and performance of the industrial endoscope are highly competitive in the market. It is the first choice for pipeline video detection and precision instrument testing.

4, Easy Operation: equipped with external rechargeable batteries, portable high-definition color LCD, which is greatly convenient for outdoor long time use, and can be captured with a dedicated video capture card for real-time capture. It can be connected with the monitor or external display to show the detection image in real time.

5,Strong and Durable: the industrial endoscope cable is basically made of metal. The camera adopts the glass shell with scratch proof and oil proof to ensure the product's durability,which is waterproof, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance,improving durability in harsh environment.

Lunched in 2012,Coantec has always adhered to the supremacy of customers.It provides customers with many aspects of technology testing services through innovation and integrity management.At present, Coantec's products are mainly used in aerospace,automobile manufacturing,petrochemical industry, shipbuilding,metallurgy, railway, nuclear industry, power, special inspection, universities and research institutions and so on.

Industrial Endoscope Related Maintenance Knowledge:

Coantec E5 industrial endoscope does not work.

Cause: the battery is not electric; the battery is damaged (no voltage).

Treatment: charging the battery. Replace the new battery.

Product Recommendation: M3 industrial endoscope RB infrared endoscope

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