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High Temperature-Resistant Endoscope

December 13,2019.

Coantec thermostable endoscope,portable, easy to use,with powerful function and reliability, is high temperature resistant HD industrial endoscope.It is equipped with rugged wear-resistant titanium alloy probe, sapphire protective lens, double tungsten alloy wire material for four layer insertion tube.And the tube can be independently replaced.Coantec thermostable industrial endoscope is durable cold resistant, high temperature resistant, waterproof,fall-resistant,and can achieve multi-purpose.

Coantec thermostable industrial endoscope is firm, easy operation and integration of hand-held design, easy to carry, can be used to detect the narrow curved space in the complicated situation,which other equipment can not work. Coantec thermostable industrial endoscope adopts high temperature and corrosion resistant special materials to ensure the long time reliable operation of equipment, maintenance free environment,the normal work temperature, to provide you with a perfect picture of on-site work.It can be applied to the internal field of automobile engine and boiler equipment,all kinds of small pipe wall corrosion and crack condition,exhaust passage of various pipes, pipelines, construction safety inspection, search and rescue, counter-terrorism .
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