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How Our Borescope Camera Saves Your Time and Money?

March 26,2018.

Coantec borescope camera is very popular for its high quality,which is rugged and durable.The following will show you the exact features of the the instrument.

A.Double tungsten alloy braided insertion tube of 4 layers

Wear resistance: 20 times better than steel wire insert tube

Flexility: 4 times better than other materials

B.Waterproof and wear-resistant

Pass a large number of harsh environment testing: -25~85 degrees working environment

Waterproof and dustproof: insert tube IP67; 1.2 meter fall resistance

C.Wear-resistant probe and laser welding process

We use titanium alloy probe, the wear resistance of Coantec flexible borescope is 100 times that of ordinary stainless steel probe.

Sapphire protective lens, the intensity is 8 times that of quartz lens and 20 times that of stalinite lens.

The instruments are widely used in industrial and police areas,and be sold in more than twenty countries.If you are interested in our inspection  borescope camera,please feel free to contact our company by phone number +86 0755 89728626,or email

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