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How to choose the advantages and precautions of portable industrial videoscope?

November 6,2019.

How to choose a portable industrial videoscope:

Coantec will help you select the type according to the position and requirements of the products tested by your company, including the comprehensive technical indicators such as the diameter, length, visual direction and focal length of the videoscope probe. However, due to the complicated environment of the videoscope, Water, oil, corrosion and wear resistance should be considered. For more complex inspection products, we need to customize the industrial videoscope according to the specificity of the product to meet your various testing needs.

Application of portable industrial videoscope:

Power industry: Regularly detect the surface of the large column wheel of the gas turbine and generator for flaws and stress decay cracks. Detect the welding quality of the inner surface of the pressure weld of the main steam pipe, deaerator, header, etc., and whether there are serious welding defects. During the overhaul, check for steam cracks in the turbine blades, guard rings and stress concentration.

Petrochemical: It is used to inspect the welding surface quality, stress corrosion cracks and chemical corrosion of the inner wall of process pipes, pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, etc.

Aviation industry: Used to check turbine engine blades and guard rings for damage more accurately and efficiently than traditional hand touch inspections.

Ship: Used to inspect boiler, gas turbine, diesel engine piping.

Advantages of portable industrial videoscopes:

1. Single hand operation, adjustable probe bending and brightness;

2. Small probe size for detecting narrow spaces that are invisible to the human eye;

3. With clear display, video, camera function;

4. The small size, light weight and reasonable portable structure make it very convenient to use.

Notes for portable industrial videoscope:

1. Do not expose to direct sunlight;

2. Pay attention to the angle at which the probe tube is bent when it is stored, and do not bend it hard;

3. Do not use in flammable or other dangerous environment;

4. Wipe product shell after use for storage and next use;

5. The collected images are processed and analyzed;

6. Clean probe according to regulations, arrange instrument and site.

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