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How to choose the right Videoscope,Endoscope or videoscope


With the development of videoscope industry,more and more people can use videoscope for various specific inspection.But do you know how to chose the right instrument for you?There are some tips for you.


Coantec Videoscope diameters are 2.8mm/3.8mm/6mm/8mm,which can fit very condition of inspection.The Industrial videoscope must fit for the smallest hole required.By tilting the scope you can see more clearly in every small space . When choosing a videoscope,we should consider the probe diameter seriously.


Coantec Videoscope tube length can be made in 1m to 10m.Choose a videoscope to penetrate to the greatest depth required, but not so long as to be unwieldy outside the hole.Coantec Videoscope can meet every needs of the inspection environment.

Three:Bending Control

Coantec Videoscope probe is 360°all-way articulation,which can inspect the object in all directions and will not miss every corner of the space.


Coantec Videoscope has different field-of-view,60°/90°/120°,which can meet every inspection space ,wide, medium, or narrow.


Coantec Videoscope can be four times magnified,whenever the object inspected is in long distance or in short distance,the image can be clearly appeared.

Six:Water Proof

Coantec Videoscope Water-Proof IP is 67,which can contribute to long using-life of the videoscope and can reduce the cost of customers.

If you have any problems about the videosope,Please contact our engineer.

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