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How to Choose the Right Videoscope for Your Instrument


As a new nondestructive testing equipment, industrial videoscope expands the visual range of human eyes and breaks out the visual limitation.It also can observe the inside of objects and parts of machine  accurately and clearly, such as wear degree, cracks, burrs and foreign bodies. It avoids unnecessary equipment decomposition, disassemble and possible parts damage during the inspection process, which greatly saves the maintenance cost, and is convenient and practical. Therefore, it is an indispensable tool in the industry field.

Industrial endoscopes vary in price and most prices are made based on functions,like the current 3D measurement industrial endoscopes.Because it is mainly with measurement functions,the price is higher than other industrial endoscopes.But it is not the higher the price,the better.Choosing their own suitable function will be more effective.

Coantec Industrial Video Borescope has optional diameters,different from 2.8mm/4.8mm/6mm/8mm/17mm,whose length is different from 1 meters to 10 meters,and its pixels are optional in the rang of 160,000 to 2,000,000  pixels.If you have special needs in videoscope,then choose to customize.We can customize for your own function,or customize your solutions according to the object detected and the after-sales service is guaranteed by our professionalize teem.

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