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How to choose videoscope brand


Industrial videoscope/borescope,visual nondestructive testing equipment,is suitable for automobile manufacturing and parts casting,wind power,nuclear power,food and pharmaceutical machinery, petrochemical industry, aerospace, military special inspection and so on.Industrial videoscope/borescope has strong practicality,light and portable,multifunctional,which is widely used in nondestructive testing area.

Coantec Industrial videoscope/borescope uses the national leading manual operating technology,to realize the rotation function of the endoscope probe with 360 degrees without dead angle,which can be applied in any complex case.And the product itself uses oil and water proofing design,so whether it is under water,pipeline or more difficult detection environment,it can reflect the excellence of its detection function.

Industrial videoscope/borescope manufacturers recommendation:

Coantec Automation Technology Co., Ltd.,founded in 2012,is an industrial videoscope/borescope manufacturer in Shenzhen, which is integrated with R & D, production, sales and after sales.

Since its establishment, Coantec's products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as India, Japan, Korea, Australia,the United States,Germany, France, Russia and Brazil.After years of development, the company has been well received at home and abroad.

Industrial endoscope price:

The specific price needs to be based on the specific application environment,and you can consult the sales engineer of Coantec videoscope manufacturer.They will provide you with a professional product solution.

Product recommendation: Coantec E5 Series HD Industrial Videoscope, Coantec M3 Series Videoscope.

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