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How to Maintain the Videoscope Insertion Probe


During the use of the videoscope,it is every important to maintain the insertion probe.But how many people know how to maintain it during the daily use?Now please follow me.

1, When using the industrial videoscope, do not switch on and off frequently. Otherwise it is easy to damage the liquid crystal lamp, shorten the life of the insertion probe.

2, Do not use plastic to cover the probe. The probe should not be covered when it is working , to facilitate heat.

3, Videoscope probe does not work every well. If it is found that the probe image flickers, the brightness becomes bright and the white horizontal line appears, the machine produces ozone smell  abnormal sound, etc., we should be immediately stop using and timely maintain it.

4, Do not place the videoscope liquid crystal probe near the heat source or direct sunlight in order to avoid accelerated aging.

5, Do not long-term shelved videoscope, especially in spring and summer. It is best to open it several times a week to avoid moisture .

6, Industrial videoscope probe is susceptible to magnetic interference,and we should not place the probe together with other appliances.

7, Industrial videoscope LCD probe is particularly vulnerable to dust absorption.Therefore, it should be placed in a clean and well-ventilated environment.

8, Do not let the industrial videoscope LCD probe in the standby state for a long time.It should be turned off after working.

9, Do not be scratched and be impacted by hard objects,in case affect the use effect of display.

If you can guaranty the above tips,you will do a more effective work and will contribute to a long life for the videoscope.

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