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Important Element of Videoscope inspection You Should know

June 7,2018.

Although the industrial videoscope has its own powerful function, if it is not used correctly, it will affect the accuracy of the endoscope detection results and even fail to complete the detection task successfully. To avoid this, Coantec brings you to know a few elements that affect industrial endoscopy.

1.Type selection of endoscope. There are many kinds of industrial endoscopes, and the application scope of different types of endoscopes is different. Correct selection is the first condition for successful completion of detection. In selection, it is necessary to consider the complexity of the environment, such as whether it needs waterproof, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc., and to determine the type of industrial endoscope using the condition of the detection object. For example, when the detection path is a straight channel, a direct rod lens can be selected. Industry video endoscope, but if you want clear imaging at the same time, you can choose the latter.

2.Good lighting conditions. Endoscopy is usually used in areas where the inspectors are not easy to enter or can not be directly observed by the human eye. These areas are usually small, or the path is bent, and the light conditions are not good. Therefore, most industrial endoscope is illuminated by its own light source.

3.Magnification, detectable minimum defect, etc. These are the technical indexes of industrial endoscopes, which can directly affect the results of detection. Therefore, the specific parameters in the product description should be read carefully before testing, and compared with those of the expected objects. If the requirements are not met, it can be adjusted by changing the lens.

If you have no understanding of the factors that affect the effect of industrial endoscopy, or you have other questions about endoscopy, please call: +86-755-89728626, Coantec will serve you wholeheartedly.

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