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Indusrial Pump Real-Time Inspection


As for industrial pump service and remanufacturing companies,there are two conditions they should consider when perchasing videoscopes/borescopes.First,videoscopes/Video borescopes should be easy operation and portable enough for inspection.Second,it should be 360°all-way articulation in order to steer navigate the insertion tube and small through-holes that are commonly found in industrial pump applications.With Coantec videoscope,they find out the faults effectively.Because the most portable Coantec videoscope make users easily steer the camera through any series of bends and internal ports., by its joystick-controlled 360°all-way articulation.

With Coantec videoscope,customers can record the inspection result in pictures and videos,which are real-time showing,contribute to an effective inspection.

On the whole,Coantec videoscope worth your money and belife.If you need more inspection help,please contact with our company.

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