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Industrial Borescope Inspection

March 26,2018.

Coantec Borescope INFORMATION


360-degree continuous rotation

4x optical zoom

Wear-resistant four layers tungsten wire

LED lamps adjustable to 60,000 LX

auxiliary LED lights


3.5”-5” TFT color LCD screen

Date/time stamp

Video recorded as AVI

SD card storage up to 32GB

Automotive Borescope

Coantec Videoscope CONTROL UNIT

Auto/manual focus

Adjustable video brightness

Image control (below, left to right: grid, negative image, image flip, freeze frame)

Automotive Borescope

Coantec Videocope CameraAPPLICATIONS

Nuclear Power: Reactor pressure vessel, reactor cooling pumps, steam generator channel head, nozzle welds, fuel pool, fuel assembly, spent fuel.

Fossil Power:  baffle plates, HP steam headers, tank and vessels.

Refining & Petrochemical: Tray-towers, refractory and glass-lined vessels, tanks, pipe racks, heat exchanger internals, baffle plates.

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