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Industrial Endoscope,for the Inspection of Fire Fighting Electrical and Mechanical Failure

December 13,2019.

Almost in every country of the world,fire equipment is very common for the major residential areas and office buildings in the city.Some cities tend to ignore the effects of these fire fighting equipments,and have never been able to maintain them since they were installed there.If there is a sudden fire,it may become an useless equipment,and ultimately lead to adisaster. Therefore the relevant personnel need to do regular maintenance of fire equipment. The industrial endoscope can check the equipment fault and potential fault easily with its stable and reliable observation. It is the necessary equipment for the maintenance of fire fighting equipment.And then we'll talk about how to use industrial endoscopy for fire electromechanical failures.

The common faults of fire fighting machinery are as follows: pump suction is out of water, water output is small,pump vibrational or noisy.For the pump vibration or noise failure, we use industrial endoscopy for inspection.There are many reasons for this fault,such as: the leakage of water suction pipe,to solve this problem,the traditional way need to spend a lot of time and effort.While the Portable Industrial Endoscope does not need so many steps, which only needs to be extended into the internal electrical fire probe and check the fault,Then the  the image can be clearly displayed by industrial endoscope.Therefore,the staff can quickly come up with countermeasures to ensure the normal operation of fire fighting machinery and electrical appliances.

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