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Industrial Endoscope Used in Aircraft Carrier Detection

January 4,2018.

The aircraft carrier is a symbol of military power for a country,so the aircraft internal examination is particularly important.Most of them are closed carrier structure,and it's difficult for eyes to see the damages inside the object.However with the industrial endoscope,people's horizons can be extended,and we can also take pictures and videos of the container to display the above situation,so that you can fully detect the the inner problems.Then we can draw a correct conclusion and take proper measures.

In the narrow space of aircraft carrier cabin,technical personnel should display "gastroscope" skills -- use industrial videoscope to inspect engine cylinder.We can see that the industrial video endoscope has probe with a strong beam,like a snake, flexibly extend into the inside of the cylinder. The lens of industrial videoscope can rotate at any angle in the cylinder and adjust the focal length.The best industrial videoscope transfers the image to the LCD screen through the lens of the insertion tube,and the image of the inner wall of the cylinder can be clearly seen on the display.

Subsequently, a portable vibration analyzer can be used to make the engine "ECG" - to fix the probe on the test point,and detect the frequency,amplitude and spectrum of the tubing vibration.Through the comprehensive analysis of these information,we can accurately determine whether there is failure,determine the fault's position,and can also to predict the development trend of the fault.

As a first-class industrial endoscopy brand,Coantec has its own patented technologies,such as small diameter,replaceable pipeline,one machine multi-purpose and so on.If there are any questions about the videoscope please contact our engineers,who can provide detailed industrial videoscope product solutions for you.

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