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Industrial Pipeline Videoscope

June 15,2018.

Industrial pipeline videoscope is a member of the family of industrial endoscopes and is usually referred to as a tube endoscope. The industrial endoscope has the basic function of the industrial endoscope, which can be competent for the nondestructive testing task of high temperature, poisonous and undirectly observed places, and also has certain pertinence in its application field. It is usually used in industrial machinery, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, aerospace, environmental protection and other industries. In the test of the road. Industrial pipelines usually carry the task of transporting industrial medium, and high temperature and high pressure medium, or flammable and explosive medium are common in industrial medium. The narrow and dark pipes often cause the inspectors difficult to enter. In this case, the use of pipeline endoscope can be twice the result of half the effort, for example, it can be finished easily. The detection of air conditioning pipes and ventilation ducts, including internal welds, corrosion, blockage, foreign bodies, etc., can be seen at a glance. In recent years, with the development of endoscopy manufacturing technology, industrial pipeline endoscope has been widely applied.

In order to meet the needs of detection in a narrow and dark pipe, the industrial borescope is usually composed of a crawler, a lighting, a controller, a remote control lift, a camera and so on. The crawler plays an important role in crossing obstacles and turning. The good performance crawler is an important guarantee for the full inspection of the pipeline. In addition, the remote control elevator can adjust the height of the camera, the camera is responsible for video recording and recording pipeline state, and can carry other detection devices to the tube. The inside of the road was tested. It can be seen that the industrial endoscope is a combination of light, electricity and detection technology. It is a new nondestructive testing equipment which integrates the functions of inspection, detection and analysis in the pipeline.


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