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Industrial Videoscope Application: Detecting Coal Mine Machinery and equipment


The development of coal resources is directly related to the development process of a country’s economy, so the performance of coal mine machinery and equipment must be guaranteed. The operation time of coal mine machinery and equipment is generally very long, and the working environment is very bad.So it is very easy to break out and affect the process of production.The failure of mechanical equipment will directly affect the effectiveness and safety of the coal mine, so it is necessary to check and maintain the coal mine machinery by industrial videoscope regularly.

Coantec industrial endoscope is to ensure that the internal surface of the coal mine machinery and equipment can be checked on the inner surface without disassembly. We can put the industrial endoscope probe into the voids that need detection, where the components and fault region can be checked out.At the same time,we can check the internal parts to scratches, wear, and internal weld etc.  through the display screen.Meanwhile,we can also detect the parts of the installation, operation, damage and troubleshooting process, which can effectively improve the efficiency and safety of mine site.

The Coantec industrial borescope has strong guiding function , 360 degrees all-way articulation, multi-depths of view,bending angle up to 160 degrees.What’s more,Coantec endoscope has excellent rear high-power LED lighting, and light guide illumination is as high as 100 thousand LX, illuminance is 50 times than other ordinary endoscope,which is very suit for full dark and harsh environment.

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