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Industrial Videoscope Application:Inspect the Pipeline of Medical Insulin



Food and drug machine

The measured equipment and working condition:

A pipe used to deliver insulin. Color amber. The diameter of the pipe is about 12mm.

Inspection area:

The insulin condensate section of the side wall of the pipe and the step of the ladder in the middle of the pipe. The condensate is also a semitransparent amber color.


Coantec E5 series industrial videoscope.

The reason for the choice of Coantec:

1, Coantec E5 series industrial videoscope has near focusing range, can be close to the object inspected.

2, Coantec industrial endoscopy has a high degree of detail, which can better meet the testing requirements.

With more and more stringent requirements of pharmaceutical technology, the requirements for the detection of pharmaceutical equipment are also raised. As the pipeline welding quality in the production process of drugs GMP and FDA certification has strict requirements, such as water pipes, pipe material, pure steam pipeline, are required to provide no pollution and corrosion,to ensure that the fluid pipe have no pollution.Coantec industrial endoscope can be used to inspect the weld, corrosion, stain and cracking of the inner surface of the medical pipeline. It is an ideal testing instrument for the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry.

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