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Industrial Videoscope Application:Inspection for Industrial Casting Parts


Casting is one of the basic processes of modern machinery manufacturing industry. As an important industry of mechanical industry, now casting is a basic industry of machinery industry. Nowadays, with the rapid development of information, improving casting production efficiency and production quality will be a major task for foundry workers. It has always been a common problem of various casting methods in the industry that the rejection rate of casting blank products is high. How to better control the quality of castings and improve casting process is particularly important. Introducing Coantec casting videocscope can improve the production efficiency and the rate of good products, reducing the intensity of work and the cost of purchase and maintenance.

The casting industry is becoming more and more strict with the quality control of the castings, and the demand is getting higher and higher, and the production is getting bigger and bigger. Conventional industrial endoscope has not been able to meet the requirements of detection. In order to ensure the quality of the castings and save the cost, it is necessary to detect the defects in the early stage of the production process. Coantec casting endoscopy set the best quality and portability design, which can cope with the complex detection environment and get the high praise in the industry. It is mainly used in automobile parts casting, hydraulic casting, pump body valve casting, mechanical parts casting, pipe casting units. For example, check the quality control of casting sand, residue, burr, staggered hole, hole, crack and so on.

Coantec casting borescope is applied to real-time monitoring and analysis of foundry, inspection and maintenance.Coantec casting endoscope equipped with various optional insertion tube and different diameters ,suitable for straight hole, curved hole, ring hole complicated structure casting.Meanwhile the technology of Coantec changing insertion tube is unique for casting endoscope , saving the cost of equipment.Coantec casting endoscope is the necessary detection tool for foundry industry.

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