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Industrial Videoscope Application:Steel Cylinder Inspection


The gas tank of gas cylinder needs to be checked regularly. If it is not checked in time, the danger is likely to occur when the temperature of the gas tank is too high. In order to avoid similar explosions, safety problems should be paid attention to. The following is the application of industrial borescopein steel cylinders maintenance.

Tested work-piece: Steel Cylinder. The length is about 1 and a half meters .

The location need to test: focus on the top, middle and bottom of the cylinder. Look at the side wall and the bottom of the weld, scratches and pits.

Recommended product: E5, the function of speed control and large bending angle are very important. Only when the field of view is wide, the machine parts can be seen completely. The ultra large bending angle can be used to check the bottom, neck and inner surface of the equipment of small diameter and large volume container effectively.

Coantec E5 series video borescope is a daily maintenance and inspection instrument for containers and various gas cylinders. It is mainly used in industrial inspection,such as various high pressure cylinders, industrial containers, short distance pipeline facilities,to check welding, corrosion and cracking, blockage and so on.Many of those faults can be observed from different perspectives by operating the joystick to control the articulation of insertion probe, can provide real-time observation images to improve the inspection efficiency. Coantec E5 series video borescope is the most ideal NDT equipment for inspecting gas cylinders at present.

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