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Industrial Videoscope Introduction-Structure-Application-Precautions

September 11,2019.

Industrial videoscope is a new type of non-destructive testing instrument that combines many technologies such as precision machinery, electronic technology and optics. Good precision mechanical design and signal acquisition and processing are the core technology of the electronic industrial videoscope. It is necessary to establish a complete mechanism for smooth bending control and a unit for image acquisition and long-distance transmission.In general, the principle is mainly to convert the image optical signal into an electrical signal through a CMOS or CCD image sensor, and after processing, the image is rendered as an optical signal through the display screen. The electronic industrial videoscope uses DVR to store image information, including screen segmentation, processing, video recording, and photo taking. It can be widely used in machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, energy and power, petrochemical, rail transit, and special Inspection, military and police security, etc., can be used for real-time detection, as well as data recording and retention.


Coantec industrial videoscope mainly consists of insert tube, main engine, display screen and power supply.The probe at the front end of the inserted tube can enter into the internal part of the component for inspection through the probe hole. The part of the inserted tube pipeline is soft and flexible, and the probe can turn 360°, so it can observe the internal condition in all directions without dead Angle.The main part of the host is the main part of the electronic circuit, for the processing and restoration of electrical signals, the display screen adopts high-definition daylight display, with high resolution, clear image, vivid color, and real internal details.The power supply adopts high-density lithium battery, which can supply power continuously for 3-4 hours under normal light conditions, and can be carried outdoors for work.If conditions permit, for example, when conducting pipeline inspection, the equipment can also be directly powered at the same time, or a large display can be connected to the HDMI interface for multiple people to watch at the same time or expert diagnosis, so that the judgment results are more accurate and reliable.


When using industrial videoscopes, be careful not to use industrial videoscopes to detect the body parts of humans or animals. Do not bend the pipeline excessively to avoid damaging the pipeline or breaking the fiber. When replacing the C40 series industrial videoscope pipeline, the screw should be pushed up together with the pipeline to avoid damage to the internal fiber of the pipeline. Also pay attention to the protection and cleaning of the pipeline to avoid lens collision, fouling and so on. During use, the probe will heat up, do not touch it directly with your hands to avoid burns.

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