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Industrial Videoscope - Rail transit

June 6,2018.

As a famous industrial Videoscope manufacturer, Coantec provides a wide range of endoscope products in the field of rail transit. With the continuous development of rail traffic, especially high speed railway, Coantec industrial endoscope has been used more for the endoscopy of foreign high speed railway and domestic CRH, and it has shown the importance of the gear box detection, ventilation system, internal casting and so on.

Hollow axle check. In the operation of the electrified high speed train, if the hollow shaft is found to be damaged by corrosion, rust and abrasion through the ultrasonic flaw detection equipment, it can be examined inside the hollow shaft with an industrial endoscope, so that the microscopic cracks can be found by the observation of the magnifying effect of the endoscope. Similarly, the inspectors can also use the image processing system of the industrial endoscope to record the detection video, record the concrete condition of the hollow axis, so as to make the defect recheck through the computer in the later period, so as to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

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