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Industrial Videoscope Used for Pipe Line

July 11,2018.

At present, high resolution color imaging equipment is usually used in industrial videoscope. which ensures the clarity and authenticity of the image transmission, and greatly eliminates the traditional industry. The image texture and cell phenomenon of the endoscope. In addition, the high brightness LED light source of the industrial endoscope can effectively avoid the attenuation of long distance transmission luminance, so that the brightness and contrast of the detected images are greatly improved. Intoxicated with the continuous progress of imaging, lighting and measurement technology, the pipeline endoscope has been more and more applied to the nondestructive testing of industrial pipelines. It has become an endoscope with low cost, economy and durability, avoid mechanical disassembly and damage, quickly and efficiently locate the root of the problem, reduce the amount of Engineering, and ensure the safety of the human body. Many advantages, the internal inspection of the pipeline is no longer a problem.

As a famous brand in the industrial videoscope industry, the industrial pipeline videoscope is also indispensable in the large family of the weir industrial endoscope. The pipeline endoscope, which is supplied by Coantec has many applications in the automotive industry, which can be used in the quality inspection and assembly test of the engine, hydraulic components, nozzle parts; in the construction field, it can be used to check the corrosion and dirt of the steel tubes and to observe the building in the tunnel. In the petrochemical industry, the pipeline and pressure vessel can be detected, and the aeronautics and Astronautics industry, the pipeline endoscope can be used in the development and manufacturing process of the engine, and the corrosion and blockage of the pipe can be detected in the municipal application.

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