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Industrial Videoscope visual inspection method for pipe defect inspection

October 31,2019.

Visual inspection is a common method for non-destructive testing. Industrial videoscopes are a common type. The principle is to convert optical signals into digital signals through CCD or COMS image sensors, and then process the digital signals into images. The form is displayed to the video terminal, which can be photographed and recorded, and stored for further analysis.With the characteristics of simple operation, intuitive display, accurate judgment and high detection efficiency, it has played an important role in various fields of industry.


Coantec industrial videoscope adopts advanced manufacturing technology, which can integrate the lens at the front end of the probe. It is packaged by sapphire lens and titanium alloy protection casing. The braided pipeline made of tungsten alloy wire material can be bent, more wear-resistant, and has various diameters. The specification allows the inside of the component to be observed through various pipes and narrow gaps.The guide joint allows the probe to be bent in all directions, with flexible operation and detailed observation.


In the process of detecting pipe defects, industrial videoscopes can effectively observe surface cracks, pores, costing, pits, rust, corrosion, dirt blockage and other defects, helping users to identify and judge in time for further processing. The work provides a basis, and this method is very efficient, convenient and fast, and can effectively reduce the probability of accidents due to missing defects, and can eliminate hidden dangers in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.For example, non-destructive testing of nuclear zirconium pipes in nuclear power plants, inspection of stainless steel pipes, inspection of air-conditioning copper pipes, and pipeline inspection inside automobiles have a wide range of applications.

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