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Multi - functional Videoscope System

April 26,2018.

Coantec C57、C65 Series Multi - functional and high - definition videoscope system will be launched in the following months.What are the advantages and features of the new products?Let’s have a look at first.

One-Intelligent new upgrade

5.7 inch ,6.5 inch day-light full view touch screen

Top photo and video quality and editing function

C65 series 3D precision measurement function

Tow-Details oriented

Precision 360°all-way articulation and position

C gesture recognition function - to achieve automatic image reversal

Three-3 important changes across the generations

Super extended function (foreign body grasping, cleaning, infrared thermal imaging, etc.)

Physical labels classifying function

WIFI transmission function ,support remote diagnosis on the Internet

Four-High end configuration ,extraordinary experience

Independent replacement for tubes of different lengths and diameters

Interchangeable optical tips available (side view/direct view)

The host can be controlled by APP to realize remote operation.


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