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New functions of Automotive Videoscope

August 9,2018.

ME Automotive videoscope is mainly used to check engine cylinder, valve, piston top, injection nozzle, three element catalyst, evaporation box, pipeline and car body crevice. Through visual inspection, it can truly reflect the running state of the car and other faults.

As the golden manufacture,Coantec is keeping in research new functions for product.Last month,our ME is up grated.Let's take a look at the new functions.

(1) HD image: using 690,000 Pixel camera, 960*720 image resolution; 3.5 inch TFT fluorescent display, clearly visible under the sun;  high definition image sensing technology, providing ultra clear non lossless picture, can clearly and accurately reflect the static image of the object and dynamic video, and can collect image information to memory card.

(2) Joystick control  system: the mechanical damping remote rod control mode of patent, 360 ° all-way articulation, the maximum angle of single direction bending can reach 210 degrees.The operation is no delay, the steering precision is accurate, which can give the best operation experience to user.

(3) oil and corrosion resistant: insertion tube is oil and corrosion resistant, which can be applied to worse environment.

(4) Optional cleaning and cooling device: the probe can select the cooling device to withstand 150 degrees high temperature; one key cleaning is more convenient.

(5) Lightweight and portable: the machine is only 0.45 kg, integrated hand-held design, easy to carry.

(6) Tungsten wire insertion tube: tungsten wire braided four-layer tube has stronger wear resistance and flexibility, making the life of the instrument greatly improved.

(7) Image preview: use list and ninth palace of two modes;In preview mode,we can view in full screen, delete, edit file name, add notes and time watermark.

(8) Digital zoom: it supports real-time 4 times digital magnification, and 8 times magnification of the local window when the preview the image, so that the defect is nowhere to hide.

(9) Pipeline replacement technology: the industry pioneered insertion tube replacement technology, insertion tube is replaceable, which can  save customers cost best.


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