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New Functions of C50 Industrial Videoscope

July 23,2018.

New Functions of C50 Industrial Videoscope:

1.The watermark information function can be selected to be turned on/off. When turned on, the watermark information will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen , and the captured photo will automatically display the watermark.

2.Browse mode is divided into list mode  / nine-square grid mode.

3.The coordinate reference line can be selected to be on/off. When turned on, the screen will display the coordinate reference line.

4.Real-time detection screen up and down flip function.

Since been lunched, C50 has been widely used in various industries. The following is a case study of on-site inspection of hydraulic valve blocks.

The hydraulic valve block (hydraulic valve) is the control element in the hydraulic system, which is used to control the pressure, flow and flow direction of the fluid in the hydraulic system, so that it meets the requirements of various actuating components. Because of its compact structure, good sealing performance, convenient maintenance, and easy to confidentiality technology, it is widely used in various types of hydraulic transmission systems.

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