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New functions of C65 industrial videoscope

August 2,2018.

Application areas:

Coantec C65 videoscope will be lunched in the next few months.It is mainly used in many fields, such as pressure vessel, petrochemical, electric power, mechanical manufacturing, ordnance, municipal inspection, automobile maintenance, precision casting, aeronautics and Astronautics, railway, ship, logistics, national defense and so on.


(1)Pipeline system: replaceable tubes with different diameters and lengths.

(2) Joystick control: 360° all-way control

(3)Step function: lock condition can achieve fast and slow moving.

(4) Illuminance:≥100000lx

(5)Digital zoom: 5 times continuous

(6)C gesture function: C gesture and image auto turn function.

(7)Probe coordinates: with the function of probe positioning

(8)Real time noise reduction: real-time noise reduction function to enhance image quality.

(9)Text annotation: full screen text, graffiti stack

(10)WiFi control: mobile app control host

(11)User interface: menu driven and soft button operation; menu navigation using touch screen or joystick.

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