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New Functions of ME Automotive Videoscope

July 31,2018.

As a famous of automotive videoscope,Coantec videoscope is equipped with many new functions this time.Please follow me.

(1) Integrated design: integrated hand-held design of probe, display screen, insertion tube, control handle, battery and so on.

(2) Compatibility: replaceable consumable tungsten inserts

(3) Probe control: mechanical 360°all-way articulation.

(4)] The maximum bending degree of insertion tube in flat state: 210° .

(5) Illuminance: maximum 20000lx

(6) Digital zoom: supports real-time online scaling of 4 times, can zoom in 8 times when picture is back.

(7) White balance: automatic white balance, central focus photometry and image processing technology to prevent surface exposure of bright objects.

(8) Image resolution: 960*720

(9) Document format: image is recorded in BMP format and video in MP4 format.

(10) Image preview: using list preview mode, preview mode can be full-screen view / delete / file name edit / add notes operation, time watermarking.

(11) Equipment durability protection device: buffer protection device for connecting main engine and wear-resistant pipe.

(12) Insertion tube:oil resistant and anti-corrosion.

(13)Optional cleaning and cooling equipment.

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