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New Upgrade,Mega Pixel Videoscope

June 19,2018.

C50 Videoscope uses long distance signal transmission and guide transmission technology, and has carried out a number of technical and functional upgrading, leading the testing industry to enter millions of fresh and fresh "visual" generation! What are the upgrades of the same year?

The UI interface is more concise

The new design, operation is more convenient, experience more smoothly.

Wider field of view

Super 120 degree angle of view, 360 degree omnidirectional bending, powerful guiding function.

The picture is clearer

The 960*720 HD screen allows parts defects to be hidden, and there are three modes of color / Black / White / negative.

Color is more real

Excellent image processing technology, effectively handle all kinds of reflection and distortion screen.

More fluent in operation

The running speed of E5 series increased by more than 30% year on year.

The standby is more durable

Battery standby time up to 4 hours, fully support online charging.

More perfect function

C50 update scale function, picture name, note editing function, image magnification 8 times, picture in picture display function and so on.

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