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Pipe Videoscope Application:Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Inspection


Shell and tube heat exchanger is also called tubular heat exchanger. It is an inter wall heat exchanger which is closed to the wall of the tube in the shell as a heat transfer surface. The heat exchanger has simple structure and reliable operation. It can be made of various structural materials (mainly metal materials), and can be used at high temperature and high pressure. It is the most widely applied type. Because it is usually operated under high temperature and high pressure, it is also easy to have problems. It is more practical to use the videoscope to detect and maintain the tubular heat exchanger.

During the process of  Shell and tube heat exchanger production, plate and tube often be welded by manual arc welding,and the weld shape exists different degrees of defects, such as depression, porosity, slag and so before using, we should inspect the internal state of the environment and see if there existent  defects through pipeline borescope.Meanwhile,we can take photos and videos of the defects, and then make an accurate contrast chart for the corrosion situation of the heat exchanger, so as to facilitate maintenance work.

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