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Precations for using Coantec videoscope

August 7,2018.

Precations for using Coantec videoscope

When using coantec videoscope, please comply with the following contents:

1)Prohibit use this instrument to observe human body or animal body;

2)Prohibit use or storage the instrument in explosive, strong electromagnetic fields and flammable gas places, otherwise it may cause fire or explosion;

3)Prohibit work under charged condition in order to avoid electric shock;

4)Do not contact the end of the lens directly in the process of use, especially pay  attention to the use of endoscope in the high temperature environment, at this time the contact end may cause burns;

5)Do not look closely at the strong light source emitted from the endoscope lens at the end, avoiding the influence of strong light on eyesight;

6)Do not force excessive bending, stretching, twisting and rolling the pipeline, otherwise it may cause damage to pipelines or equipment;

7)Long term use of this product will cause the lens to stain, resulting in blurred picture and affecting data collection. Please wipe the lens with alcohol before use;

8)If there is any abnormality in the angle adjustment operation, stop the current operation and turn off the machine, then contact the supplier;

9)Keep the insertion tube away from any liquid other than water, brine, oil and light oil;

10)When the instrument is used up, please clean the front end of the insertion tube in time to prevent corrosion.

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