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Replaceable Insertion Tube of Coantec M3 Series

Key Specifications/Special Features

Coantec M3 Series Videoscope

Globally unique replaceable insertion tube

Optical fiber insertion tube,360°all-way articulation

Double tungsten ally braided insertion tube of 4 layers

Sapphire protective lens


Product Details

Coantec M3 series videoscopes are widely applied in the field of manufacturing, automotive 

aftermarket, petrochemical, machinery, aviation, pipeline or container checking, security checking,etc.

Globally Unique Replaceable Insertion Tube Coantec M3 Series


Optical fiber insertion tube,360°all-way articula

Double tungsten ally braided insertion tube of 4 layer

Sapphire protective lens

A great innovation in Industrial Videoscope industry: using consumable material design of insertion

tube,according to different inspection requirements, users can easily replace the insertion tube with 

different diameter and length ,which can greatly reduce the using cost.

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