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Solution for Track Traffic Detection

August 22,2017.

[Application case] flexible pipe endoscope is applied to track traffic detection

Application field:

Rail transportation enterprise

Tested equipment and working conditions:

It works for the high speed pneumatic brake for welding,made up by welding.And the total length is about 4m,the diameter needed to check is 8mm diameter,photos need to be clear enough,a little impurity cavity must be visible,because the train in braking is pneumatic, pneumatic braking will clog vents with impurities,leading to the occurrence of safety accidents.


P50pro-8020 series of endoscopes can meet customer needs.

customer benefit:

1,to meet customized needs, reduce the use of costs;
2, pixel HD, simple operation;

The detection range of the flexible pipe endoscope in the lumen is:

1.Examination of internal cavity. Check surface cracks, peeling, wire drawing, scratches, pits, bulges, spots, corrosion and other defects.

2.Assembly inspection. When there are requirements and needs, mirror assembly checking for endoscopic use;When an assembly process is completed,check all the parts and components of the assembly location is consistent with the drawings or technical requirements; whether there are defects in the assembly.
3.Weld surface defect inspection. Check weld surface crack, weld penetration and weld leakage.
4.Dimensional measurement. Measurements can be made with the measuring probes for the dimensions.
5.The excess inspection.Check product cavity,residual debris.
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