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The application case of Coantec million HD industrial endoscope C50 in a famous automobile parts manufacturing enterprise

August 7,2018.

C50, a million high-definition industrial videoscope, has been tested by a well-known auto parts manufacturer.

This month, the Coantec engineer came to a well-known auto parts manufacturing company which the business mainly covers a variety of automotive parts and components, including car bodies, drivers, engines, gearboxes and other electronic products. The company's products all over the world, enjoy a high reputation all over the world.

In the early June, Coantec lastest model C50 was released. The company's relevant demand Department was very interested in this model. According to the customer's specific use,Coantec engineers quickly arranged demonstrating scheme.

Last Friday, our engineer and salesman carried the HD million pixel C50 industrial endoscope in accordance with the time agreed before, and contacted the company with the related personnel. After a conversation, the client's demand department was the company's engine casting inspection department. The main purpose of purchasing videoscope is to check the internal defects of the engine castings. The inspection requirements are: 1. Observe the internal surface defects of the parts of the castings; 2. Take images, the rough judgment of the distribution of the defects and screening of the products that do not conform to the standard.

Coantec C50 meets customer's requirements. This product has a minimum diameter of 4.8mm, which has a clear picture and has a great improvement in performance compared with other products. Our technicians have learned from the scene that after communicating with the customers, we have carried out a field inspection of the tested castings with the C50 videoscope and asked the relevant staff to do the on-site inspection. The personnel of the technical department are very satisfied with the clear imaging effect of C50, and express this industrial videoscope is very light, only about 2 kilograms. It is the most consistent product of the company's inspection requirements at present.

In general, this successful field testing demonstration not only gives customers a comprehensive understanding of the millions of high-definition industrial endoscopy C50, but also makes customers feel the product strength of Coantec through actual testing results. At the same time, as a well-known industrial endoscope brand in China, through the communication with customers, Coantec also realizes that we must make every effort to develop the level of R & D of enterprises, so that products in a more sophisticated,only to meet the increasingly personalized customers and market demand.

After years of development, Coantec has developed its own unique advantages in the field of industrial endoscopy. It has a wide range of customer groups in various fields, such as automobile casting, industrial manufacturing, military police, aerospace and other fields. We believe that we will have more close cooperation with this customer.

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