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The Application of C50 in Rail Transit

July 9,2018.

Industry: Rail Traffic

Inspection Device : intelligent million high definition industrial videoscope

Testing conditions: aeronautical aluminum material, extrusion molding, the observation section is 6 meters long, the two heads have observation entrance examination, the wall is bright, the extrusion groove 7-50mm. mainly checks the welding parts of the extrusion groove, and the defects of the welding part and the extrusion groove are clearly observed. The video video archiving is clear and easy to trace back.

C50 intelligent million high-definition industrial videoscope can meet the internal observation of the interior of the extrusion plate of the traffic rail, the defects in the welding scar and the internal debris in the extrusion groove, and the reflection of the wall of the extrusion groove can be solved perfectly. It can clearly and clearly judge whether the observation part is qualified, and the video video storage and video video is clear.

1) equipment uses: internal defects inspection of engine, gear box and body frame.

2) equipment probe: diameter less than 6.5mm, effective working length not less than 3.0m.

3) pixels: end of the built-in color CMOS camera, 1000000 pixels.

4) probe guide joint: guide bending structure is strong, reliable and durable.

5) guidance mode: 360 degree all-articulation

6) the probe outer skin should be made of inner and outer double layer tungsten wire, and it has waterproof, anti oil and scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and other basic properties, so as to ensure the service life.

8) the probe uses the working temperature: -25 C to 80 C.

9) lighting technology: high power LED rear light source design, LED light source power not less than 6W, to ensure the lighting effect of large space detection.

10) brightness automatic adjustment mode: whole course stepless automatic continuous adjustment, to remove the spot formed by metal reflector to the maximum extent, and to provide manual adjustment function at the same time.

11) the device has a full screen touch operating LCD display with no less than 5.5 inches of VGA. The display screen, the probe and the operating handle should be integrated portable design to facilitate the carrying and use of small operating space, and the display format is not less than 640*480 pixels.

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