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The Application of Endoscope in Military and Anti-terrorism

December 13,2019.

In recent years, with the strengthening of the fight against terrorism, the use of endoscopes in public security law enforcement and special police anti-terrorism has become more and more widespread,and endoscopic products are often used to check and deal with bombs.In the fields of anti-drug and fighting against illegal immigration,endoscopes are often used to maximize the elimination of the terrorist threat to the government,organization as well as individuals.

The endoscope makes it possible for special police officers to reduce personal safety risks and to check inside items without damaging suspected checked parcels,vehicles or luggage. The endoscope can also observe the inside of the locked room through holes in the door, ceiling and wall.This allows the tactical operations team to collect more data,monitor the internal environment,and avoid personal injuries caused by forced breakthroughs.They can also be used by customs police to search for contraband at border crossings and airports. The endoscope probe directly be putted into the gas tank,the bottom of the vehicle and internal doors,boxes of parcels,without any separation of things.The video endoscope also records and saves the pictures and videos that are observed.This kind of inspection saves time and is not afraid of being damaged by checked items.

They can be used for search and rescue to find victims trapped in the wreckage.The military can also be used to inspect barrels,weapons,and transport vehicles,including aircraft, tanks, ships and helicopters.In the face of some risks and special circumstances, the rational use of endoscopic equipment by the police and the army can improve security and save time and effort.

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