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The Application of Industrial Videoscope in Casting Industry

January 4,2018.

In the field of mechanical casting,industrial videoscope is generally used for automotive parts casting,hydraulic casting,pump body casting,machinery parts casting,pipe fittings casting,for the check of the sand casting,burrs and cross-hole situation.

With the casting industry on the quality control of castings are more stringent,the output is also growing.Conventional industrial videoscopes can no longer meet the inspetion needs.In this way, more high-quality videoscopes are needed to improve the production efficiency, improve the yield,reduce the work intensity,and reduce the purchase cost and the maintenance cost of the testing equipment.

Coantec has been tring hard to update and improve product design and quality,and developed P60 series casting videoscope.what most attractive is that this series of product series of features:It is different from the general industrial videoscope,its display is IPS touch screen,easy to operate; host hanging and the desktop can be optional.The utility model is suitable for different workbenches and hands are also liberated.The utility model has the functions of one-key photographing and simple operation,which can reduce the working intensity of the inspector.It's three-prevention (anti-mildew, moisture-proof and salt spray-proof) in the complex work site;There are a variety of pipe can be selected,hose,pipe and super-alloy,for straight hole,curved hole and other complex structural castings; Insertion tube can be replaced,so that the muti-functional machine can save the cost.Meanwhile,the material of the insertion tube is selected from tungsten wear-resistant hose and stainless steel, titanium,spring bending tube,which can insure the using life;HD image display,12 or 17-inch large screen optional,through which we can visually inspect the casting quality,reducing the false positive rate and miss detection rate;Super stability, 24 hours online.

For insurance of the inspection accuracy,a good detection tool is essential. Coantec industrial videoscope you deserve.

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