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The application of industrial videoscope in the detection of weld defects in copper pipe welding

November 13,2019.

Recently, some customers asked about the weld inspection of a copper product. According to the workpiece provided by the customer, it can be seen that this product is a component of a cooling radiator, and there are many welds at the copper pipe connection that need to be tested with an industrial videoscope.

Copper tube is a common component in the refrigeration equipment such as automobile and air conditioner. It is hard, not easy to be corroded, and has the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure resistance, so it has been widely used.The joints of copper pipes are often connected by welding process. To ensure that the oxide and welding slag pipes in the welded pipes of copper pipes do not leak, it is necessary to make the welding pipes horizontal and vertical, so that the welding fluid is evenly distributed in the welds, so as to ensure that the functions of all parts are intact. The external parts are often directly observed by the naked eye, while the internal defects of the copper pipes are limited by the human eye, It is often impossible to see directly, so it is necessary to use industrial videoscope to detect the weld more carefully, which is of great significance to improve the product quality and prolong the service life.

The weld inspection shall ensure the appearance of the weld smooth and even, the surface color is normal, and there shall be no flow particles or particles.At the same time, the cleanliness shall be tested to ensure that the weld surface shall be free of oxides and residues, otherwise, the steel wire brush or abrasive cloth shall be used to remove but not damage the weld.It is a common application of industrial videoscope to detect the internal surface state of the weld. The front-end pipeline can be bent, and the probe can be bent 360 degrees in all directions. It can visually detect various welding surface defects on the internal surface, such as weld beading, weld damage, staggered edge, incomplete penetration, welding slag, burr, crack, etc. through it, the user can also see the surface oxidation of the inner wall of the pipeline Corrosion, rust, etc.

What we recommend to our customers is Coantec C40 series industrial videoscope side view products. After testing and comparison, its imaging effect is better. The following is the actual shooting effect of this series of products.

Industrial videoscope plays an important role in product quality control, which makes it one of the indispensable instruments in the field of industrial nondestructive testing. Welcome to Coantec for more details.

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