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The function, characteristics and application of the C60 series of Coantec industrial videoscope

November 28,2019.

In September 2019, the C60 series industrial videoscopes developed by Coantec obtained several large orders in the pharmaceutical machinery and foundry industry, and the delivery has been successfully completed this month. Here is a brief introduction to the functions, features and applications of this series.


This series is a separate / desktop industrial video videoscope independently developed and produced by Coantec. C60 series products have two specifications of TFIT HD 7-inch and 12 inch display screens, compared with 3.5-inch of C40 series and 5-inch of C50 series. C60 has a larger display screen and a broader vision, making the inspectors more comfortable in vision and effectively reducing visual fatigue. At the same time, it is equipped with a megapixel camera, which can detect clearer images, more vivid colors, and visually show subtle defects.In addition to the basic functions of taking photos and recording videos, the C60 series has unique advantages in the long time and mass testing.


C60 detection effect

C60 industrial videoscope a host can be equipped with a variety of pipelines. Users can replace alloy spring elbow (turbine mirror) and alloy hard tube according to their own needs, and insert tube with different materials such as tungsten wire braided tube, which is more convenient for detection, maintenance and replacement, and can effectively save costs. Tungsten braided hose, compact structure, corrosion-resistant, more wear-resistant, good waterproof performance, up to IP67 waterproof performance: alloy spring tube, uniform elasticity, strong flexibility, good heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant performance, specially made with a certain arc of the scope probe part, can be used to detect the turbocharger volute or pressure shell; alloy hard tube, strong and durable, high strength, long life, more labor-saving operation, can be used to detect -- some rings The inner part of the workpiece, such as some die castings, that needs to bend or turn the probe. Compared with C40, the pipeline is more convenient to be replaced, with good stability and strong anti-interference ability.


C60 industrial videoscope adopts air insertion interface

The ergonomic design of the operating handle makes the probe turn accurately, feels comfortable, operates more smoothly, is easier to control, and is not prone to fatigue. At the same time, the probe diameter of tungsten braid is 2 / 2.8/3.8/4/4.2/4.8/6/8mm. Users can choose more suitable materials and specifications according to the inner diameter, length and other specifications of the tested object. It can be said that C60 has better compatibility in different detection scenarios.


C60 tube (tungsten wear-resistant braided tube)

C60 industrial videoscope series, can be used to all kinds of inner surface sand inclusion of castings, and defects such as cracks, porosity, shrinkage, slag inclusion, or see the joints of welding, welding scar, flash, crack, leakage, such as lack of penetration welding surface defects, also can be applied to food medicine machine and parts casting industries, effective observation and record the piping or parts internal structure and the state, to help users efficiently diagnose problems, defects found in time, realize the effective control of the quality of product.

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