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The Highlights of Coantec C50 Industrial Videoscope

July 18,2018.

With its excellent product quality and unique product design, C50 industrial videoscope has won the favor of customers both at home and abroad. C50 uses millions of HD cameras, LCD daylight displays, and the performance of other series has greatly improved compared with that of the other series. The following is an example of aircraft engine turbine blade detection.

C50 videoscope security password protection function

After the boot, the page will display the open password lock function. At this time, we need to enter the password to enter the system, and can effectively protect all kinds of detection information pictures and video. If you do not need this function, you can also cancel settings in the menu.

C50 videoscope cross cursor reference function

When testing, it is often necessary to measure and judge the size of the internal defect. C50 adds the cross cursor reference line, and you can estimate the size of the defect by reference. This function is not shut down if it does not need to be done.

C50 videoscope image file renaming and tagging function

According to the default file name in a large number of files to find more inconvenience, C50 can be renamed and add notes to the file, not only to the file classification and search becomes more simple, and note important information also bring more convenience to the detection work.

C50 videoscope painting navigation display function

In picture playback mode, the picture in the upper right corner of the screen can be displayed. When the main screen is adjusted to different observation positions through the joystick, the relative position of the picture can be displayed in the upper right corner of the picture. This function can be opened / closed as needed.


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