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The Newest Videoscope in NDT Field

August 8,2018.

Coantec C65 as a common visual inspection device in NDT (nondestructive testing) industry, industrial videoscope has been widely used in many fields, such as municipal inspection, automobile maintenance, industrial manufacturing, precision casting, aerospace, railway and ship, pressure vessel, petrochemical electric power, logistics, national defense, ordnance and other industries.

COANTEC C65 series industrial videoscope is a portable and easy to use videoscope, which has been researched by Coantec for many years and combined with advanced technology at home and abroad. It has broken through the technical limitations of the traditional videoscope industry in many aspects. First, the high sensitivity bionic bending joint effectively improves the precision of the probe bending and rotation. Secondly, the study of 720P high-definition image sensing technology improves the clarity of the image and reduces the color of the measured object to the maximum extent. Finally, the electric control mode with the single touch  of the rocker is improved effectively. The positioning ability of the probe has overcome the major technical difficulties of NDT, such as difficult location and lack of sense of direction.

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