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The role of industrial endoscope in failure compressor detecting


A compressor is a driven fluid machine that raises low pressure gas to a high pressure gas and is the heart of a refrigeration system. Industrial endoscope is a nondestructive testing tool for mechanical fault detection and routine maintenance. Because it is nondestructive testing, it does not need to dismantle the machine and directly present the object directly on the instrument screen. So if we use the industrial videoscope to detect the compressor, it can not only reduce the overhaul cost, but also make the inspection result more precise, and the staff do not need to spend too much energy.

The common fault of the compressor :

Air filter is blocked, which requires the use of industrial endoscope for more accurate detection, then carries on the cleaning; the metal debris or other debris fall into the space between valve seat and the valve, if we use industrial videoscope detect it,then many problems can be avoided. As we all know, the tight closure can lead to the gas leakage, and if it was not timely detected and solved ,then the above problems  may cause a shortage of exhaust volume.

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