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The Role of Industrial Videoscope in Casting Product Testing

June 5,2018.

Industrial Videoscope brand, Coantec Industrial Videoscope.

The factors that measure the internal quality of the casting products include chemical composition, metallographic structure, metallurgical defects, physical and mechanical properties, reliability, grain size, eutectic saturation, density, purity, continuity and so on. There are cutting functions, weldability, operation performance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the products.

The contents of industrial endoscopy include quality inspection of casting raw materials, nondestructive testing of castings, surface quality inspection of castings and so on. The common equipment for nondestructive testing of castings includes magnetic particle testing, radiographic inspection, ultrasonic testing or spheroidization detection. Because of the influence of poor surface finish, loose material, coarse grain and the existence of internal graphite, the cast iron blank must pay attention to the selection of the method, the selection of the instrument, the matching of the equipment, the technique of operation and the experience of the personnel.

The inspection of surface defects of castings can be observed by the eyes, and the defects can be better observed by endoscopes. It is more accurate and helps us find problems quickly and solve problems.


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